archaeological research opportunities

Tue, 19 Jul 1994 12:36:38 -0700

The Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey (BRASS)/El Pilar
project is looking for qualified graduate students to fill supervisory
positions during the 1995 field season.

BRASS/El Pilar, directed by Dr. Anabel Ford of the University of
California - Santa Barbara MesoAmerican Research Center, is surveying,
excavating, and consolidating structures at the ancient Maya center of
El Pilar in Western Belize. The project has grown considerably since
its inception (BRASS has worked in Western Belize since 1983 and at El
Pilar since 1993) and now has need for more qualified staff members.

The project is looking for graduate students in archaeology (MA or
PhD) whose research interests match our own and who, preferably, are
interested in a long-term relationship with the project. The unique
site of El Pilar offers many opportunities for those interested.

For more information contact:

D. Clark Wernecke
Field Director - BRASS/El Pilar
1400 NW 13th St. #19
Boca Raton, FL 33486


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William H. Adams
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