soccer ??

Mon, 18 Jul 1994 09:02:23 EDT

Cecilia Sardenberg's question reminded me of my own
poignant chuckle last year while watching one of the
Blue Jays world series games. Someone in the Toronto
crowd had posted a sign which read, as I recall...
"When Canada needed unity most, God sent us the
Blue Jays"

For a moment there the television cameras landed on that
sign, and I (non-believer that I am) said "YES!" and the
Jays went on to win their second world series. Of course,
this year they're at the bottom of the heap and Quebec's
separatist momentum seems to be gathering speed.

If I were researching this question of national mania over
sports, one of the areas I would want to poke around in would be
that of civil religion configurations in that society, strong
central government, weak central..etc.

Likely others on this list know of model studies.

(But what a wonderful game. Thank you! Bravo Brasil and Italia!)

Maureen Korp, PhD
University of Ottawa