Audio cassette transcription equipment

Mon, 11 Jul 1994 14:00:54 EDT

I need information on equipment for use in transcribing audiocassettes of
ethnographic interviews, and would appreciate any input from list participants
regarding brands, models, etc.

1. Our department will probably be purchasing several audiocassette players
with earphones and footpedal controls for use by students who have had little
or no experience in transcribing taped interviews. The tape players must be
strong enough to withstand use and abuse by multiple users. They will be
used for transcribing ethnographic interviews in English, and possibly foreign
languages, but durability is more important than sensitivity. They should
be reasonably priced. Do you have any suggestions?

2. Are there audiocassette recorders that can be used with a footpedal control?
In the distant past, I had a Sony TC 800 tape recorder with an optional
footpedal, but I haven't been able to find comparable audiocassette recorders.
I would appreciate brandnames, models, approximate costs and any comments
that you can offer regarding such equipment.

Thanks in advance.
B. Edward Pierce, Chair
Department of Anthropology
S.U.N.Y.-New Paltz
New Paltz, N.Y. 12561
Telephone (914) 257-2989/2990