Nat Am Religious Freedom

Fri, 8 Jul 1994 23:30:43 EST

I have been asked by Adam Fortunate Eagle to request references written by
cultural anthrpologists on the causes and consequenes of not granting Native
Americans full religious freedom. Specifically excluded is the discourse on
archaeological issues. He has information from NARF and the special issues
of the Am Ind Culture & Research Journal titled Encounter of 2 Worlds; and
Discovery & Human Rights. Any other references would be appreciated.

He is also requesting references on the consequences of The Doctrine of
Discovery as it was applied to indigenous peoples throughout the colonization
period. References specifically addressing causes and consequences would be
most useful.

Adam is off to Sweden in 2 weeks to claim Sweden for the American Indian (he
has already claimed Italy), and to give a talk at a conference on indigenous
rights. Therefore, this request expires on 15 July 94.

You may send any response to me, Ann Mabe at <>
or directly to Adam Fortunate Eagle 7133 Stillwater Ave Fallon Indian
Reservation NV 89406.

Thanks, ann