Fulbright Scholarship Information

Wed, 6 Jul 1994 21:50:12 EDT

Fulbright Scholar Program - Professional Opportunities For Faculty And

(Note: August 1 deadline approaching for U.S. applicants)

What follows is a description of Fulbright grants for lecturing and advanced
research worldwide. These grants are excellent professional development
opportunities and provide funding to pursue professional interests abroad.

Fulbright Grants for Faculty and Professionals

Description: 1,000 awards for college and university faculty and nonacademic
professionals to lecture or pursue advanced research and/or related
professional activity abroad. For U.S. candidates, grants are available to
nearly 148 countries.

Application: U.S. candidates have an August 1 deadline for lecturing or
research awards. Non-U.S. candidates apply in their home country for awards to
come to the United States.

Areas of Interest: Opportunities exist in every area of the social sciences,
arts and humanities, sciences, and many professional fields.

Range of Consideration: Undergraduate and graduate teaching; research
collaboration; field and laboratory research; creative and performing arts
endeavors; professional collaboration in library management, business/
government capacity building; and much more.

Eligibility: Most awards are at the postdoctoral level. Ph.D. is the typical
requirement. Opportunities also exist for professionals who have comparable
professional qualifications or individuals in the arts, library science, law,
etc., who hold the normal terminal degree in the field. Masters in TESOL/TEFL
is also appropriate for some awards.

Successful candidates have been two and four-year faculty, lawyers,
journalists, academic administrators, government officials, independent artists
and scholars, nonacademic scientists, etc.

Grant Duration: Awards range in duration from two months to a full academic

Language: Required in certain countries for certain areas of activity. The
majority of teaching assignments are in English.

Action: U.S. candidates may receive detailed descriptions of award
opportunities and application materials via cies1@ciesnet.cies.org (requests
for mailing of materials only). Non-U.S. candidates must contact the Fulbright
Commission or U.S. embassy in their home country.

Reply: cies1@ciesnet.cies.org (application requests only)