anthroids as best supporting characters in a novel

Sun, 3 Jul 1994 13:57:11 EST

Okay, no one will probably admit to having time to read for enjoyment (what is
that you might ask). But there is a fine book out there that has a few
anthroids in it as supporting characters. The Alienist, by Caleb Carr (on the
New York Time's bestseller list too) is a work of historical fiction set in the
later part of 19th century New York (not a pretty place unless you're rich) and
follows a string of rather horrific murders (young male prostitues are
killed and mutilated). I won't give away much, but both Franz Boas and Clark
Wissler are called upon and act as consultants when questions come up
concerning the relationship of the murderer and some remarks he makes about
Native AMericans. The story starts great and keeps up the pace most of the
way and the band of merry investigators are engaging. There is a mix of real
and fictional characters throughout which lends a nice touch. And it is fun
to find our discipline's ancestors appearing in something other than text books.

Jeff Cohen