birth and parenthood

Cornelia Howell (HOWELL-C@IMMEDIA.CA)
Sun, 3 Jul 1994 17:37:00 -0500

Now that my daughter is twelve weeks old, a small part of my brain can now
return to anthropology. I am writing a Master's thesis on parenthood and my
birth experience has offered me some insight. To me, the experience of giving
birth is very separate from its result, ie my daughter. The delivery was more
about me and once that was done, everything was about her. My sister-in-law
feels that her birth experience was very important to her relationship with her
daughter. What I wonder is whether I am the odd person out. For those of you
who have children, how connected is the birth experience to your relationship
with your child? Mothers and fathers please.
Thank you

Cornelia Howell