Stop Unsafe Mining: EarthWINS Daily in January 1996

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Unsafe mining has caused environmental destruction and health problems in
almost every country around the world. Mining corporations are frequently
accused of unfair labor practices. These corporations also support
anti-environmental legislation and undermine democracy. Unsafe mining has
been associated with gross human rights violations and "environmental
racism" against native and indigenous peoples.

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about their strategies, mining, workers in mining industries, and mining

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EarthWINS Daily #40

1. New Year Thanks and Revolutions
2. Info Request: Effects of Limestone Silt in Waterway
3. Restructuring the Corporation
4. Washington's Holiday Gift Exchange: Corporate Welfare for Corporate PAC
5. (August 4, 1995) Costa Rican Environmental Activist Found Dead
Placer Dome activist dead

EarthWINS Daily #41

1. Info Request: Need info on Kennecott Mining
3. Conference Proceedings: Mining and Mineral Resource Policy Issues in the
Asia-Pacific: Prospects for the 21st century
4. Big Mountain Updates
a. Big Mountain Legal Update 9/95
b. Big Mountain Update December 1995

EarthWINS Daily #42

1. ACTION ALERT - Interior Approps. override vote set for 1-4-96
2. Re: help for reporter?
3. Walk for the Earth
4. New helpful listserv: Groundwater
5. Coors
a. Re: Boycott Coors
b. Coors & Mining?
c. Re: Coors & Mining
d. Re: Coors & Mining
e. Coors & Mining

EarthWINS Daily #43

Spotlight on Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

1. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
2. A Letter from SUWA's Chairman
3. Hansen's 32 cent Sneak Attack on Wilderness
4. Andalex EIS Update
5. Andalex Coal Mine Crosses Major Hurdle
6. Utah Studies Bolster Pro-Wilderness Arguments
7. SUPAC--Loyal Mouthpiece
8. So Who Wrote the Utah Delegation's Anti-Wilderness Bill?
9. Dixies's Long Awaited RMP
10. Act now to protect Utah
11. Join the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance!

EarthWINS Daily #44

1. Coeur Gold's Tailings dam in New Zealand sliding down slope
2. New Zealand Tailings Dam Stability Problem?
3. Montanans For Clean Water
4. Info on Kennecott, Galactic, Crown Butte
5. SUWA Gathering Jan 12-15, 1996 near Moab, Utah
6. SUWA Needs Wildlife biologist, hydrologist, and botanist

EarthWINS Daily #45

1. ACTION ALERT: Temagami Wilderness Threatened
2. New Year's Resolution for Utah's Congressional Delegation
3. The Economics of Wilderness Preservation in Utah Part 1

EarthWINS Daily #46

1. Links between unsafe mining and nuclear power, arms, and waste
a. Ward Valley Alert
b. Could French Nuclear Tests have contributed to or have caused the recent
earthquake in Mexico?
2. The Economics of Wilderness Preservation in Utah Part 2

EarthWINS Daily #47

1. New Year Resolution
2. Data mined from ESA TODAY
a. Subsidies Harm Species
b. Boone Suit
3. Enviromine Posts
a. Mining Env. Tech. Guides and Codes of Practice
c. International Symposium on Geology and Environment
4. Woodlot Owners Support Protected Areas Proposal

EarthWINS Daily #48

1. Re-posted: New Year Resolution
2. Offer of help for mining-exchange subscribers: Mining and groundwater
3. Greetings & info exchange
4. Student Trip To Ecuador
5. Indians Demand Land, Autonomy
6. Packers "Green and Gold" Strike Jan 14 to protest proposed Wisconsin
Exxon/Crandon mine
7. Porgera Mine in PNG + . . .

EarthWINS Daily #49

1. Cyanide snow job in Guyana
2. Porgera Mine in PNG etc.
3. Consultation info request
4. Water Quality at Inactive and Abandoned Mines in Nevada
5. Southern Pe. Corp. against Peru

EarthWINS Daily #50

1. Sign-on letter to Minnesota
2. Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming
3. Textbook: "Resources, Development and Politics in the Pacific Islands"
4. Excerpt from GREENLines Issue #35
5. Nevada Garnet Mine Threatens Rare Trout

EarthWINS Daily #51

1. Porgera Mine
2. Evils of mining companies
3. Gold mining info
4. Australian mining regs
5. Dropping of Opencast Plan in Moelwyns "restores faith in the planning system"
6. Important message from Oregon
7. Safe Mining Campaign

EarthWINS Daily #52

1. Info Re: Gold mining companies in Asturies, Spain
2. Excerpt from SC Action #157: Montana Voters Say No More Mines
3. The Dineh (Navaho) Crisis

EarthWINS Daily #53

1. New e-mail list and info service on Oil industry!
2. Council on Economic Priorities names worst corporate polluters
3. Uranium Mining in Bulgaria
4. Suriname: Forest Conflicts Reach Flashpoint
5. Uranium mining/radwaste/cleanup conf's

EarthWINS Daily #54

1. PARTIZANS opposes RTZ and CRA merger
2. Re: Porgera (again)
3. Re: evils of Mining companies
4. Copper Recycling Recognized By EPA

EarthWINS Daily #55

1. Balanced Budget Hypocrisy
2. FYI: State and Local Government on the Net (U.S.)
3. FYI: Greater Yellowstone Coalition Web Page.
4. FYI: Deep Ecology Mailing List
5. Info Request: Copper mine research
6. Info Request: mining and automobiles
7. The other end of the rainbow: Gold mining comes to Tyrone, Ireland

EarthWINS Daily #56

1. Info Request: Utah Mine Accident
2. The Great Giveaway: A flawed process led to province's approval of
northern B.C. mine
3. Info Request: What is safe mining?
4. FYI: Two Groundwater Introductions
5. Info Request: Wetlands Questions
6. FYI: bioregional WWW pages
7. FYI: Free Calls to Congress
8. FYI: Environmental Justice Hotline at EPA
9. BLM, ESA, and mining!?
10. Info Request: Welsh mining disaster
11. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc Web pages now available
12. List of companies drilling for gold in Northern Ontario
13. Wanted for personal injury case: Surface Mining Safety Engineer
14. FYI: Meeting in Piccadilly London: Wetlands - Use, Abuse, and Value

EarthWINS Daily #57

1. FYI: U.S. Congress email addresses and web sites

EarthWINS Daily #58

1. Student's Right to Free Speech Stifled
2. Report and Bibliography on Freeport McMoRan Corporation
a. Freeport McMoRan: Giving Something Back (And It's Toxic)
b. Bad Freeport, bad!
c. A Freeport McMoRan Bibliography:
3. US Punishes Mining Company For Alleged Enviromental Damage

EarthWINS Daily #59

1. Info Request: Placerdome
2. Info Request: uranium mill workers' tort cases
3. Gold mining near Yellowstone
4. FYI: CNN email addresses
5. United States copper production 1994
6. FYI: Mining Industry Info
a. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc Web pages now available
b. NCC Mining Corporation
c. Voisey Bay Companies, gold & diamond as well
d. Troymin Resources- New Drill Program!!!!
7. Abstract & Quote: Bosnia Mine Thought to Hold Mass Graves (NYT)
8. Headwaters Conference
9. Free Newsletters--Environmental Damage Valuation & Cost Benefit News
10. The Funny Side of Mining
11. Disasterous Effects of U.S. Government Furlough

EarthWINS Daily #60

1. Slip Sliding Away: Another Mining Dam Falters
2. Oregon Mining Victory! Mining Law Update
3. Internet Conjoint Analysis Survey of Water Quality Changes in Watersheds
Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage
4. RUSSIA: Coal Miners Bought Off, But Industry Troubles Remain
5. Australian Miners Win
6. Worldwatch Institute: Mining the Earth #109

EarthWINS Daily #61

1. Info on Placer and Costa Rica
2. Internet Conjoint Analysis Survey of Water Quality Changes in
Watersheds Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage
3. Re: EarthWINS Daily #58
4. Irish miners/19 cent. PA,USA
a. Info Request: Irish miners/19 cent. PA,USA
b. 19th Century Immigrant Irish Miners
c. Colorado Mining Records (1800's)
5. America Needs A Law Prohibiting Corporate Donations

EarthWINS Daily #62

1. Note from Mining-exchange list-owner: Input! I need input!
2. Open Cast Mining, Scotland
3. Enviromine Posts
a. Freeze concentration of mine wastes
b. Freeze concentration of mine wastes
c. Re: Freeze concentration of mine wastes
d. life-cycle-analysis
e. Re: life-cycle-analysis
4. Info Request: Mining companies CA-1950s lookup pls
5. FYI: DEVELOPING IDEAS Digest launched by Inte
6. FYI: AQUIFER Mailing list
7. FYI: Free calls to Govt (fwd)
8. FYI: Introducing GAIA-L
9. Announcement: World Water Council at IUCN on the Web!!
10. More Newt Fallout (fwd)
11. South Africa's Environmental Policy Process in Danger!

EarthWINS Daily #63

1. The Skokomish river watershed needs your help! (fwd)
2. Info Request: Paydirt\ Dawn Mining Company
3. Info Request: Nickel Contamination from Nickel Mining, Labrador
4. Sokaogon Chippewa Granted ONRW Status for Swamp Creek Basin
5. Excerpts from Enviro-Newsbrief
a. State of the Union
b. GOP Is Warned of Backlash on Environment
6. Identification of Good Practices for Watershed Management
7. Reports on Clearlake, Ca Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Superfund Site

EarthWINS Daily #64

1. Coeur ignored warnings that Dam unstable
2. Updates on Mining Threats in Montana
3. The Browning of America
4. Budget Stalemate Wreaks Havoc on Environmental Programs
5. Latin American Mining Conf.

EarthWINS Daily #65: Spotlight on Innu & Emish (Voisey Bay)

1. EMISH ALERT: Innu Call For Single Environmental Review
2. Mineral Exploration at Emish (Voisey Bay)
3. Guidelines for a Respectful Relationship Between the Innu Nation and the
Mineral Exploration Industry

EarthWINS Daily #66

1. Natural Pollution
2. Friedland Surfaces: Canadian mining Co. runs amok in Burma!
3. Re: Canadian mining Co.
4. Excerpt from GREENLines Issue #45: Idaho mine?
5. Milwaukee Earth Days '96
6. Omai Update
7. Enviromine Posts
a. Slag Heaps in Sweden
b. Research on Leaking Slag Heaps
c. Re: Leaking Slag Heaps
d. Wetland treatment of manganese in Indonesia
8. Free calls to congress
9. christian coalition
10. Re: USGS DLG format files...
11. GeoRef to Release New Groundwater & Soil Contamination Database (11/01/95)
12. radiation in water
13. Second Forum on Ground Water Issues and Policy
14. Conference Announcement

EarthWINS Daily #EarthWINS Daily #67

1. Re: EarthWINS Daily #66 -- "natural pollution"
2. Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Coalition web site
3. Stream Pollution
4. Re: The Straight Poop: What Boulder Weekly Doesn't Want You to Know
About Sludge
5. Utah Wilderness Petition
6. Re: Dam at NZ Gold Mine Sliding Down Slope
7. Marble Mining Investors Sought
8. South American Gold Mining Opportunities
9. FS Great Western Oil & Mining
10. Cornish Mining Index available from FTP site
11. Mining in old computer chips
12. FYI: More EPA info available on EJ
13. Re: Wetland Mitigation
14. Re: Wetland Mitigation
15. Coal and Oil Funding of Coverup

EarthWINS Daily #68

1. Info Request from Julio Cesar Centeno, Venezuela
2. Corrections to EarthWINS Daily #66
3. FYI: Web Site -- Eco Village Information Service
4. FYI: Web Site -- National Centre for Sustainability
5. Excerpt from "G.O.P. Backing off from Tough Stand Over Environment" (NYT)
6. Excerpts from _A CLEAR View_, Vol 3 No 2
a. *2 The Hole Story: Mine Proposed Near Yellowstone
b. *3 Reason Can Overcome Land Use Conflicts
c. *4 National Wetlands Coalition (NWC)
7. Rachel #478: Science & Environment

EarthWINS Daily #69

1. Campaign Finance Reform
2. SUWA Wilderness Update
3. The Growing Impact of Environmental Issues on Western States Mining
4. 1994 Compendium of Mining Practices
5. Industry Info: Enviromine Posts
a. Reclamation Blasting and Open Pit Reclamation
b. Platinum Group Metals
6. Industry Info: Investors
a. GOLD Mining Opportunities
b. Cuban Investments: Holmer Gold Mines (HGM - A.S.E.)
7. Industry Info: Newfoundland and Labrador Mining Magazine
8. Excerpt from INFOTERRA digest 618: European environmental protection
9. FYI: Earth First! Journal on the Web
10. Excerpt from SC Action #163

EarthWINS Daily #70

1. Kennecott to expand its Denton-Rawhide Mine in Mineral County, Nevada?
2.New open pit gold/silver heap leach mine for the historic Talapoosa mine
site, north of Silver Springs, Nevada?
3. Excerpt from SC Action #164 - Arizona Dreaming
4. Atlas Corporation; Draft Environmental Impact Statement (fwd)
5. Notice of Intent to Plan; Montana
6. Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for
the Midnite Uranium Mine (MUM) Reclamation


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