Wed, 31 Jan 1996 10:03:55 CST

D.J. Cattle invites reactions to Jeremy Rifkin and his work. I never
got over my shock at how terrible were the first few pages of his highly
touted book, *Entropy*. The thesis seemed to be that we owe it to the
Universe to try to retard the operation of the Second Law of
Thermodynamics. (The universe will run down more slowly if we clean up
our act.) I'm sorry, the guy is a zero as an anthropologist or as any
kind of scientist or scholar. I later heard him give a public
lecture--at which he is very good. Not in the scholarly sense, but in
the persuasive-harangue, rhetorical-question,
appeal-to-the-emotions sense. One need not be a high-tech enthusiast to
recognize this snake-oil peddler for what he is. --Bob Graber