Re: looking for someone

allen lutins (alleycat@SPECTRA.NET)
Sun, 21 Jan 1996 15:49:38 GMT

>is anyone familiar with the address I received a forward
>from a friend from the list sci.anthropology from someone at this address,
>but when I tried to reply, it came back as undeliverable

There is a Unix program called "finger" which can be invoked to look up
users on systems; it is not 100% reliable, though (it generally only works
across Unix-compatible systems, and some system administrators block their
systems from such access).

I "fingered" and got the error, "No such user"...could it be
that you did not get the exact correct spelling down? ...or might anyone
have reason to forge such a message to you? (Forging e-mail is a fairly
trivial, i will *not* tell you how to do it).

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