WW Howells Book Prize (BAS section of AAA) (fwd)

Karen Rosenberg (krr@UDEL.EDU)
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:45:56 -0500

WW Howells Prize -- Request for Nominations

We hope that you are already aware of the W. W. Howells Book
Prize in Biological Anthropology and invite you to consider
nominating a book that you have recently read.

The W. W. Howells Prize is awarded by the Biological
Anthropology Section of the American Anthropological Association
to honor a book in the area of biological anthropology. The book
should inform a wider audience of the significance of
physical/biological anthropology in the social and biological
sciences and demonstrate a biocultural perspective. Nominated
works should represent the highest standards of scholarship and
readability . The book may have multiple authors, but may not
be an edited volume. Books must be published within the last
three-to-four years and once nominated will remain on the list
for three-to-five years, depending on their date of publication.

Previous winners of the W. W. Howells Prize are:

1993 Cheney, Dorothy and Robert Seyfarth. 1990 How
Monkeys See the World: Inside the Mind of
Another Species. University of Chicago Press.

1994 Cartmill, Matt 1993 A View to a Death in the Morning:
Hunting and Nature through History. Harvard
University Press.

1996 (awarded in 1995) McGrew, William C. 1992 Chimpanzee
Material Culture. Cambridge University Press.

The award, and accompanying W. W. Howells Medal is presented
to the author or authors at the business meeting of the
Biological Anthropology Section at the AAA meetings in November.

Nominations, in the form of a letter, and accompanying
material, such as book reviews, should be sent to:

Karen Rosenberg
Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

Phone: 302 831 1855
Fax: 302 831 4002