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Thu, 11 Jan 1996 12:31:00 CDT

Job Listing

A multinational high technology company is seeking to fill
several staff openings in a new research laboratory.
The facility will employ a multi-disciplinary staff to connect
technological breakthroughs to broad areas of everyday life.
Several positions are available to candidates with social science
backgrounds, including Social Science Researchers and Research Assistants.
These positions will involve working with colleagues from several
disciplines, including technologists, engineers, business analysts,
design planners, communications specialists, visiting fellows,
and other social scientists across a broad spectrum.


Applicants for one of the Social Science Researcher positions
should have an advanced degree (Masters or Ph.D.) Cultural Anthropology,
Sociology, Social Psychology, Applied Linguistics, etc. and training
in ethnographic or other observational methods. Additional
qualifications for this position include: a track record
of published work in scholarly or professional journals;
extensive field work (or equivalent experience) as a graduate
student or working professional. Experience working in a similar
corporate lab employing social science methods (Xerox PARC, NYNEX,
AT&T, Bellcore, IBM, IRL, etc.) is a plus.

Applicants for one of the Research Assistant positions should
have a degree in one of the above mentioned social sciences
(B.A. or Masters) and experience with observational research,
analysis, and field work. Additional requirements include a
proficiency at writing and structuring observations and information.

Application requirements:

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please
closely follow our two part application process:

1. Please submit a short essay (500 words maximum) outlining your
interest in the position you are applying for, including how your
particular experience and skills could strengthen a
multi-disciplinary team. This essay should tell us how you might
contribute to our staff, what experience you have in working with
multi-disciplinary teams, and how your experience might directly
benefit our work. Also, please tell us about any personal or
interpersonal skills you have used in the past, your particular
interest or passion for this sort of work, and how your training
has prepared you to do the kind of work briefly described here.
Include all relevant information, your philosophy about this
kind of work, and other details ! however quirky ! that you think
might provide us with a well-rounded sense of you as a person
and as a potential colleague.

Please fax or email your essay, without CV or any other materials,

Michael Tirrell
Doblin Group
fax: 312.443.0567

2. In addition to the personal essay, please mail
an updated curriculum vitae and relevant references,
with a cover letter, to:

Michael Tirrell
Doblin Group
35 East Wacker Drive
Suite 2400
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Please do not fax your CV or any materials other than
the personal essay.
No telephone calls please.