Re: Hearing energy

Anthony Dauer (jackechs@MAIL.EROLS.COM)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 18:41:43 -0500

Nice post. Standing by fire pump number one ... and I thought all that fire
fighting training in the Navy would go to waste.

At 02:45 PM 01/09/96 EST, Patricia Stitson wrote:
> Ruby,
> A short time ago you commented on my entry about "those who
>choose to listen will hear". I imagined that I would be jumping


>understanding another's point of view. Who knows, maybe the same goes
>for reality in general. In sincerity always lies truth
> Patricia Stitson

... and the truth will set you free.


Anthony Dauer

Psychopathic killers, however, are not mad, according
to accepted legal and psychiatric standards. Their acts
result not from a deranged mind but from a cold, calculating
rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat
others as thinking, feeling human beings. Such morally
incomprehensible behavior, exhibited by a seemingly normal
person, leaves us feeling bewildered and helpless.

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths
Among Us, 1993. Dr. Robert D. Hare. First Pocket Books
trade paperback printing July 1995.