Reaching Bob Graber

Jan Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.NMSU.EDU)
Sat, 6 Jan 1996 18:42:32 MST

I also posted to Bob -- by using my reply function -- and received an
"undeliverable" message. Since I've responded to Bob before by using my
reply function, I was curious about what happened this time. His from header
read (if I can remember it now) at NEMOMUS.BITNET. When I replied, it was
sent as if to NEMOMUS at my own campus and was therefore not deliverable.
Maybe I now need a more "complete" from address in the from header to be
able to use the reply function to post directly to Bob. ?? I'm not
particularly computer-knowledgeable; this is just my take on the situation.
Jan Wilson, G1824303 at