Maya Mathematics

Tue, 2 Jan 1996 11:56:50 CST

I am a senior mathematics major at Arkansas Tech University with a
strong interest in Archeology and Anthropology.

As an undergraduate research project I am carrying out a study of
Mayan mathematics/arithmetic/calendrics.

Could anyone please help me identify recent research that has been
carried out in this regard. Are articles/papers available? If so
where can I get them from?

I have already found articles in Mathematics Magazine (Ascher, Oct
'92); Archeology (Wertime and Schuster, Tedlock, Jul '93): Mercury
(Aveni, Jan '95) and Science News (Bower, Jan '92). Of course I
have Michael Closs' Native American Mathematics and Thompson's Maya
Arithmetic. Still searching for Floyd Lounsbury's Maya Enumeration,
Computation and Calendrical Astronomy.

Anything anyone can do to help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks and regards
Graham Stone.