take it forward

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 16:16:37 PST

Response to post by Alysa Walsh on Jan 26:

>Do I really face being run out of AAA meetings by one-day
>Dr. Michael Bauser for not having a "backbone" on the anthro-list? Am I
>really a "whimp" because I don't agree with some tactics of those who get
>into "heated debates" here on the list? Such comments are big
>overgeneralizations. Not all anthro undergrads melt in the face of

What's the "one-day" comment for? Trying to ridicule Mr.
Bauser's not being a Phd? Your sarcasm is no different than name
calling or should we call you a one-day college graduate?

You should not fear being run out of an AAA meeting by Mr.
Bauser. He won't run you out, but he might be disappointed if
you run yourself out. He was simply commenting on how certain
individuals run away from observing "heated discussions".

Your reaction, however, is not surprising given the over emphasis
on political correctness vs. political content nowadays. You'll
have real problems if you just listen to those who talk the
precise way you want. Granted there are some "educators" who
refuse to listen to those who don't abide by certain newspeak
protocols. Unfortunately, you may have to put up with that in
the classroom. However, try not to turn out that way yourself!