Reasons for leaving anthro-l (please read)

Anthro-l Listowners & JWA Editors (ANTOWNER@UBVM.BITNET)
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 22:48:54 EST

Reposted with permission... (I have established an automated "farewell"
message which asks people why they are leaving anthro-l.)
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Just thought I would let you know EXACTLY why I left the
list after only a few days online. First of all, I am a
student preparing to enter graduate study in the fall; I
had hoped to use the Net and the list to help in my re-
search and to bounce around some hypotheses. However, what
I stumbled into was a heated discussion which quickly
turned into feminist bashing, name calling, and even
swearing. I do not find it becoming to a professional
to sink to such a level on such a wide forum. I found
the whole episode rather disappointing and intimidating.
I mean, if professionals who have been teaching for x-number
of years resort to name calling over a fellow's comment
(and a valid comment I might add)... well it just makes
me shudder to think to such close-minded people are teaching
the younger set of new anthropologists. Again, I came onto
the list for discussion and information, and all I found was
a bunch of unprofessional children. Thanks for letting me
blow off a bit of steam. Perhaps I will try the list in
the future and see if things have returned to some degree
of normalcy.
Kharyssa Rhodes