NEA/NEH funding

Eytan Bercovitch (eytan@JHUNIX.HCF.JHU.EDU)
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 11:11:51 -0500

>Forwarded from H-ASIA:
>From: IN%"" 17-JAN-1995 21:08:41.45
>Sandy Freitag
>American Historical Association
> As you know, since the November elections the future of our
>national cultural agencies, including the National Endowments for
>the Arts and Humanities, is seriously threatened. These agencies
>are facing severe cuts to their current funding or possible
>elimination. Congress may make decisions about these and other
>agencies within the next several days.
> The Emergency Committee to Save Culture and the Arts, a project
>of the American Arts Alliance, has set up a 1-900 number so that
>citizens can quickly and easily register their support for
>continued funding for the arts and culture with their members of
>Congress, for a nominal fee. Time is short. You are
>invited to use this number immediately.
> When you call this number, 1-900-370-9000, the following will
> 1) Following a brief statement that the call costs $1.99 per
>minute and that you must be 18 or over, the operator then asks the
>caller if s/he would allow the Emergency Committee to send a
>mailgram in the caller's name to their two Senators and one
> 2) If the caller says yes, the above process takes place and is
>billed to the caller's home phone. The caller leaves his/her name,
>with the corresponding
>congressional district to assure that the correct elected officials
>receive the mailgram.
> The Alliance has put together a steering committee currently
>made up of more than a dozen organizations to participate in this
>campaign. Please call the American Arts Alliance at 202-737-1727
>if you would like to join this steering committee or have
> In order for this emergency campaign to be effective, we need
>your help to distribute the 1-900 number. Please make use of all
>means at your disposal, including e-mail and electronic bulletin
> Thank you for participating in this critical grassroots effort.