Re: ANTHRO-L Digest - 17 Jan 1995 to 18 Jan 1995

Spencer Austin Lehv (sal7@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 20:16:38 -0500

I am an undergraduate at Columbia, I am going to be writing a thesis on
migraine headaches. I am trying to approach this from both a cultural and
biological anthro angle, although I will concentrate more on the latter.
For the former, I am looking for comparative studies (ethnic, racial,
gender), specifically ones detailing remedies and myths associated with
migraines. For the latter, I am looking at several different ideas.
First, I have written up a survey that I am going to distribute to
Columbia undergraduates. This survey hopefully will give me some
information on biological correlates of migraines. In this way, I am
aksing questions about height, weight, age etc. The survey also aks about
racial indentification and gender. I would like to see if migraines are
distributed differently between ethnic groups. The second aspect of the
biological approach is research into whether migraines have a specific
chemical substrate. That is, are people with certain chemical makeups
more likely to get migraines? This question was prompted by the fact that
migraines are much more common in women than in men, and that women have
different hormone levels. If this is true, perhaps migraine sufferers
have a particular, feminine chemical footprint.

Given that this is a pretty tall order, I was wondering if anyone has any
ideas on where I can start for some of the more detailed (i.e. racial
distribution, myths, remedies) questions? I have already amassed a lot of
information, but I could certainly use more. Any leads would be

I would appreciate any help that I can get. If anyone has any questions,
or would like to see the survey, please respond in person.

Thanks again,


Spencer Austin Lehv