New Anthro of Europe list

Sat, 21 Jan 1995 11:26:14 -0500


*H-SAE, a moderated scholarly discussion list devoted to
the anthropology of Europe, is on line and ready to
receive your subscriptions (see instructions below).

*H-SAE is affiliated to the Society for the Anthropology
of Europe, and run under the auspices of H-Net, a
National Endowment for the Humanities funded consortium
of discussion lists in the humanities and social

*H-SAE is devoted to all anthropological approaches to
the study of Europe. However, you need not be an
anthropologist to join. We welcome subscriptions from
allied fields such as history, sociology, geography,
political science, economics, folklore, and so on. It is
open to independent and university affiliated scholars,
graduate students, and serious undergraduates (with an e-
mail note from a sponsoring professor vouching for

*H-SAE is a moderated list. This means that no extraneous
misdirected subscription requests, or advertisements for
things like film developing will clutter your mailbox. It
also means that the moderator will return postings that
contain vicious personal attack ("flaming") to their
authors for calm reconsideration. Otherwise the moderator
will not alter messages in any way.

*H-SAE is affiliated to the Society for the Anthropology
of Europe, which is a section of the American
Anthropological Association, but you need not be a member
of either to join. (Although, we encourage you to do so.)

*H-SAE is a place to post scholarly queries, carry on
discussions of issues in the field, publish announcements
of conferences and calls for papers, and plan certain SAE
activities among other things,

*H-SAE also has an easily accessible fileserver in which
we will store documents like bibliographies and
directories of e-mail addresses of scholars. Eventually,
H-SAE will have space on the H-Net gopher, where
documents can placed and read directly on your screen or

*H-SAE can be used in a variety of ways in the future,
depending upon subscriber interest. Other H-Net lists
review books (and H-Net has an infrastructure in place
for interacting with publishers about review copies),
post summaries of panel presentations at meetings,
publish course syllabi, and even conduct interviews on
line with significant scholars. Such initiatives are

To subscribe to H-SAE send the following message to

SUB H-SAE first name last name, university

You will receive a form to fill out and return to the
moderator, and then you will be subscribed.

We would appreciate it if you would forward this message
to colleagues who might be interested.

Direct other queries to:
Tony Galt, Moderator H-SAE
Prof. of Social Change and Development & Anthropology
University of Wisconsin--Green Bay
Green Bay, Wisconsin USA