Historic preservation professional qualification standards

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A proposed draft revision of the Secretary of the Interior's "Historic
Preservation Professional Qualification Standards." has been mounted in
Conservation OnLine (CoOL). Comments on the proposed standards are
sought and are due February 14, 1995.

The document is available in two forms. Use a World Wide Web client
such as Mosaic or Lynx to connect to URL

or Gopher to palimpsest.stanford.edu and selet
Browse by subject
Historic preservation

The disciplines covered in the draft are:

Architectural History
Cultural Anthropology
Historic Preservation
Historical Archaeology
Landscape Architecture
Land Use/Community Planning
Prehistoric Archaeology
Traditional Cultural Property Expertise

>From the text:

The Secretary of the Interior is charged with developing standards
and guidance for the practice of historic preservation under the
National Historic Preservation Act. The Secretary has delegated
this responsibility to the National Park Service. The "Professional
Qualification Standards" are one part of the Secretary's "Standards
and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation."
The Secretary of the Interior's "Professional Qualification
Standards" describe in terms of academic attainment, training, and
experience minimum professional standards for a number of
professional disciplines routinely practicing in historic
preservation today. These Standards are neither "entry-level" nor
do they describe qualifications for pre-eminent master professionals
in the field. Rather, they describe the minimum education and
experience which, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Interior,
qualifies select individuals to produce professionally credible and
competent work within both the historic preservation arena and in
the larger public arena nationwide.</p>

Please provide your comments by February 15, 1995 to the

Preservation Planning Branch
Attention: Susan L. Henry
Interagency Resources Division
National Park Service
PO Box 37127
Washington, DC 20013-7127

Comments may also be sent by fax (202-343-1836) or Internet
(sue_henry@nps.gov). If you have any questions, please contact
Sue Henry at (202) 343-9514.

Walter Henry
Conservation Lab
Stanford University Libraries