Books on doing fieldwork

Rob Quinlan (C611417@MIZZOU1.MISSOURI.EDU)
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 16:55:05 CST

Here is a list of books on doing fieldwork provided by various, kind
subscribers to anthro-l.

agar, m 1980 _the professional stranger_ ny: academic.
altorki, s. & c. el-solh eds. 198? _arab women in the field: studying
your own society_ syracuse u.
alverson, m. 1987 _under the african sun_ u of chicago.
anderson, b.g. 19?? _first fieldwork_
barley, n. c1982 & 1992 _notes from a mud hut_ or (in the UK) _the
innocent anthropologist: notes from a mud hut_ penguin.
behar,r. 1993 _translated woman: crossing the border_
bowen, e. 1954 _return to laughter_
briggs, c 19?? _learning how to ask_
casagrande, j. ed. 1960? _in the company of man_
cesara, m. 1982 _reflections of a woman anthropologist: no hiding place_
ny: academic.
chagnon, n. 1974 _studying the yanomamo_ holt rinehart winston.
chi~as, b. 1993 _la zandunga: of fieldwork and friendship in southern
desjarlais, r. 1992 [a book about the aesthetics of healing & fieldwork--
poster didn't remember title]
dettwyler, k 1994 _dancing skeletons_ waveland.
devita, ? 19?? _the naked anthropologist_
donner, f. 1982 _shabono_ ny: delacorte.
dubisch, j. 1995 [in press] _in a different place: pilgrimage, gender
and politics at a greek island shrine_
dumont, j. 1992 _the headman and i_ waveland.
fernea, e. 1975 _a street in marrakech_ ny: anchor.
freilich, m. ed. 1970 _marginal natives: anthropologists at work_
golde, p. ed. 1986 _women in the field_ u. of cal.
gottlieb, a. & p. grham 1993 _parallel worlds: an anthropologist and a
writer encounter africa_ ny: crown.
Howell, n. 19?? _surviving fieldwork_ aaa.
jackson, m. 1989 _paths toward a clearing: radical empiricism and
ethnographic inquiry_
kumar, n. 1992 _friends, brothers and informants: fieldwork memoirs
of banaras_
lawless, r., v. sutlive & m. zamora eds. 1983 _fieldwork: the human
liebow, e. 1993 _tell them who i am_ ny: free.
maybury-lewis, d. 19?? _savage and the innocent_ cultural survival.
myerson, j. 1990 'tambo: life in an andean village_ u of texas.
powdermaker, h. 1966 _stranger and friend: the way of an anthropologist_
ny: w.w. norton.
rabinow, p. 1977 _reflections on fieldwork in morocco_ u. of cal.
read, k. c1986 _return to the high valley_
read, k. c1956 _the high valley_
robertson, a. c1976 _community of strangers_
rubinstein, r. ed. 1990 _fieldwork the correspondence of robert redfield
and sol tax_
sanjek, r. ed. 1990 _fieldnotes: the makings of anthropology_ cornell.
sanjek, r. 1991 the ethnographic present. _man_ 26:609-628.
spindler, f. ed. 1970 _being an anthropologist: fieldwork in eleven
stoller, ?. 1989 _the taste of ethnographic things_
turner, e. 1987 _the spirit and the drum_ tucson: u of az.
warren, d. & b. schwimmer 1993 _anthropology and the peace corps_
wax, r. 197? _doing fieldwork_
werner, d. 19?? _where there is no doctor_
whitehead, t. & m. conaway 1986? _self, sex and gender in cross-
cultural fieldwork_ u of il.
wolf, m. 19?? _thrice-told tale_
wormsley, w. _the white man will eat you_

Please feel free to let me know about any corrections or additions.

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Rob Quinlan