Re: The rape thread / instinct vs. culture

Rebecca Joseph (josephr@IIA.ORG)
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 14:13:31 -0500

Dear List-members,

Apologies for my premature message snidely inviting sociobiological
defenses of rape. I hadn't read all my mail. Having now read all new mail,
I've decided with some regret to withdraw from the list. The reason - I am
weary of the verbal violence regularly inflicted with apparent lack of concern
or remorse (that's what flaming *is*) by the relatively few on the many who
look to anthro-l for opportunities for constructive collaboration, information
sharing and professional development. Those who know me personally know that I
do not shy away from controversy or support suppression of the free exchange of
ideas. At the same time, I am sick of all forms of violence against
the human spirit, especially when it occurs and is tolerated in the guise of
"intellectual debate".

I wish everyone well and hope that those with whom I have corresponded in
recent months will stay in touch.

Becky Joseph or