Re: rape and evolutionary psychology

Bjorn Conrad Fry (bear@USNET.US.NET)
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 13:20:20 -0500

Jerry Barkow's contribution is a keeper.

His submission illustrates how important a holistic approach can be to
understanding things human. Ultimately, the "nature vs. nurture" debate
should not be viewed as an "either - or" choice. Both are important to what
it means to be human. Granted, our nature is in many ways immutable, but
not inevitable in a world that continuously struggles to have the rational
and wise prevail. Effective nurture formulas are also the domain of the
purveyors of cultural understanding. As the victims of rape might attest,
empty polemics and sophistry pile insult upon injury, especially when it
seems to be motivated by little more than a need to somehow have theory
match a preconceived utopian sociopolitical philosophy and agenda. Beware,
it is an enormous responsibility that we bear.

Bjorn Fry

Jerry Barkow wrote:

>setting aside lurking for an instant.
>Those interested in the rape thread might find some of the articles
>listed below useful. I would particularly recommend the work of the
>>From the viewpoint of evolutionary psychology, ours is a highly
>complex brain that evolved to meet a variety of contingencies in a
>variety of ways. Human beings evolved to have a number of distinct
>reproductive strategies, the choice of strategy varying with the
>individual, with some emphasizing one strategy, others using several
>either serially or consecutively during their life histories. Having a
>variety of behavioral strategies is typical of mammals and the
>particular strategy followed has to do with environmental inputs. ...

<rest deleted>