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>Richard Spear wrote:
>>Rape is an effort to obliterate another - a "cleansing" in just the same way
>>that one group
>>tries to remove another. I don't believe that it is a search for "perverted
>>pleasure" as another poster said ... it is a violent, aggressive and
>>distructive act, meant to degrade and belittle.

>while I certainly wouldn't disagree that rape is violent, aggressive and
>destructive etc., I would certainly question whether it is always a
>cleansing. I think that most rapes are about power, revenge and degrading
>someone, or getting your pleasure no matter what, but I doubt most involve
>any thought of "removing" someone either symbolically or physically.
>Obviously the "groups" referred to are men and women, but do all rapes
>involve those two groups or are some simply an attempt by someone to gain
>power over someone else and for a man it's easiest to gain power over a
>woman? Just some thoughts. Jacqui

Jacqui - I guess I'll have to continue this thread ... let's see, "violent ...
destructive ... aggressive ... " - "power ... revenge ... degrading ... " I
equate these acts with an effort to remove someone symbolically. Violence
against women results *frequently* (numbers recently published ... I don't
have them at hand) in death through actions carried out by boyfriends or
husbands ... and these are close aquaintances! What is it that motivates the
more distantly related rapist? Love???? Sexual desire???

I think not. When a rapist attacks, it *is* to disenfranchise (read
obliterate") the other. Research shows that desire has nothing to do with it.
Control of the victim is what it's all about.

Yes, weak men do seek control over women in response to their failures in
other social arenas ... how is this different from some Serb soldier raping a
Croat woman ( or vice versa)?

Regards, Richard

Regards, Richard