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Archaeology Department (wugate@MIMI.CNC.AC.CN)
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 19:38:18 -0800

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This message comes from the Archaeology Department of the National
Museum of Chinese History in Beijing. We hope it will mark the
beginning of Chinese participation in the world of network

China has well-known infrastructure limitations. One solution to this
situation has been heavy investment in telecommunications, which in turn
has led to interest in the Internet, now a topic for public discussion in
the Chinese media. China is being 'wired'.

Our host computer is at the Computer Network Centre (CNC) of the National
Computing and Networking Facility of China (NCFC), which provides Internet
facilities to the 40-odd research institutes of the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, as well as to Beijing and Qinghua Universities.

Still at an experimental stage, CNC use a dual language English/Chinese
VAX/VMS system with five dial-up lines. Users can choose which language
they want when they logon.

Unfortunately it must be noted that e-mail, especially into China, has
proved unreliable and senders are not normally notified when mail is
not delivered. SPRINT, who were instrumental in connecting CNC to
the Internet, have assured us that improvements are imminent.

In the future, we hope to publish bulletins of news about Chinese
archaeology etc.

Simon Holledge, 11/1/95

Cao Bingwu, Dai Xiangming, Simon Holledge, and Jim Railey
The Forbidden City International Archaeological Computing Unit,
The Archaeology Department (at the Wu Gate of the Palace Museum)
National Museum of Chinese History,
Tiananmen Square, Beijing 100006, CHINA
Fax +86-1-512-8986 Telephone +86-1-602-5540