Re: ANTHRO-L Digest - 9 Jan 1995 to 10 Jan 1995

Trevor Watkins, Archaeology (TWATKINS@AFB1.SSC.EDINBURGH.AC.UK)
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 17:37:11 +0000

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> From: Eric Silverman <ERICS@DEPAUW.EDU>
> Subject: computer program for excavation
> I know that this properly belongs on the arch-list, but I am not a member.
> Is anyone aware of a computer program that (i) simulates the process of
> excavation in 3-dimensions, and/or (ii) enables the plotting of artifacts,
> features, etc., in three-dimensional space, e.g., a trench. This could
> extend to programs that are used in the field and lab as well as programs
> that might have value in the classroom.
> I know of a computer person who is an archaeology buff, and is thinking
> about designing such a program.
> Eric Silverman
> Soc/Anthro
> DePauw Univ.
I have to confess that I cannot remember the name of the package, but
archaeologists at Southampton University, England, have been working
for a number of years at a computer simulation of an excavation. They
are now developing a Windows version. It is quite sophisticated - you
can choose whether to use a power machine, a hand shovel or a trowel
to remove the next layer; you are constrained by budget, and the site
is too big to be tackled entire; you reveal structures and associated
finds; when I saw an experimental version of the package, it had
three different sites of very different kinds.

I cannot tell you who to e-mail about it, but the people who would
know are at (That is the Teaching and
Learning Technology Programme - Archaeology @ Glasgow University.)
Ask them if they can tell you who to approach. I know that the Folk
in Southampton have been working on this for several years, so it is
not a wheel that needs to be invented twice!

Trevor Watkins,
Department of Archaeology,
University of Edinburgh,
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