Any More Cult Texts?

janis silva (jsilva@SPARC1.CASTLES.COM)
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 20:39:27 -0800

Last week I posted a request to other Cultural Anthropology Instructors or
students about the Cult. Anthro. texts and/or readers that were being used
in their classes.

So far, 23 individuals have responded from the US, Canada, and Mexico.
There also were some interesting teaching situations and instructional
comments submitted.

This Friday a compilation of the texts and comments (positive) without
respondent's names --will be posted. If anyone requests additional
information concerning a particular text, the request will be forwarded to
the individual who submitted the information.

For those who have not submitted the name(s) of their texts and/or readers
they still have Wed. and Thur. to do so.

Thank you for making this such a fascinating project.

Next week I would like to start the project with the Phys. Anthro.


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