engendred language etc.

Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 (bonn@QCVAXA.ACC.QC.EDU)
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 17:25:57 EDT

As someone who sits at the edge of the anthropological community,
and spends most of my time dealing with scientists, i have found this
discussion fascinating. and of course i want to add my 2c worth too.

it might interest many on this list to know that in most scientific
disciplines, these issues rarely come to a head like this. maybe that
is because scientists tend to be more likely to follow past conventions
(i.e. binomial species naming rules, geological formation naming rules,
etc.) as a consequence, the scientific community (granted much more male
than many of us female scientists would like), often ignores such
niceties as s/he, humankind, etc. it also occurs less commonly in canada
than in the us, for whatever reasons, perhaps canadians general conservatism.
and the common person (canadian blue collar workers) still use all sorts
of engendred language, even the women.

happy new year everyone.

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