Re: Anth in K-12 Soc.Stud

Fri, 6 Jan 1995 10:06:20 EST

This posting got my attention, as I'm sure it did David Givens, the AAA
academic relations director. My son's private school uses an upgraded
version of Man a Course of Study for a year long early-middle school
course. I worked with an association here in DC prior to joining the
Anthropological Association who were working on certifying exemplary k-12
teaching practice. I have enjoined them to include anthropology in the
competency requirements for social studies teachers at all levels. It's a
subject dear to me. There are some AAA developments on this front.. If
there's interest in discussing, I'd research and we'd post what up here.

As an individual anthro, tho, I'd like to participate in some discussions
with how anthropologists can become accessible to K-12 educators.
Archaeologists have done pretty well with getting their presence felt, at
least in chi chi schools and suburban districts. Less is happening, I
suspect in rural America and little in urban America. I have friends in
a suburban community/county museum who do a lot of stuff, focussing on
material culture as the window to "go" cultural or archaeological with
the info. Any other comments?
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