ethical problems with use of anthro-l material

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 10:59:35 +1000


In a reply to James Carucci I seconded Micki Korps comment that
there were ethical issues involved in the use of material from the
anthro-l list. Then it dawned on me that the anthro-l archive I have
just set up is effectively a publication of anthro-l *in its entirety*,
accessible to anyone on the net. (So James could just give his students
the URLs of my archived articles and have them read them there...)
[ Though, despite what I wrote, December 1994 hasn't been archived yet --
Hugh hasn't sent me the most recent archive yet. ]

While there weren't any negative comments on my creation of the archive,
I think we should discuss this now. Perhaps Hugh should put something
in the anthro-l welcome message stating that he archives the list and
that that archive will be made publicly available. I would probably
feel differently about someone printing tracts of anthro-l as a book
and selling it, though; perhaps this is related to the difference
in the reception of ads from non-profit organisations.

A similar situation crops up with USENET, but there a permanent archive
is analagous to a news-server with no article expiration, and anyone
posting to USENET implicitly allows replication on any connected

Danny Yee.