field gear and goats.

Thu, 5 Jan 1995 10:54:09 -0500

Five goats is not very many...I agree with RSpear...goats are usually quiet at
night, unless someone is kidding. I have spent many nights in various barns
with often as many as 220 goats...they only thing that disturbed them was the
occasionaly escapee rabbit. I suspect that goats kept outdoors at night might
make some noise because there are more things to alert them...but even that
becomes just background noise. I remembered being startled awake by the packs
of dogs that seem to run wild at night in Old Delhi...for about two or three
nights. After that I slept fine. As for the village band playing during the
late night/early morning hours...I wonder how many anthropologists really are
trying to sleep while the village is awake?

When in Rome...