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Richard Spear (rspear@PRIMENET.COM)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 16:47:01 PST

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>Date: Wed, 4 Jan 1995 10:06:41 -0800
>Subject: Essential field gear
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>And regarding ear plugs, those who wish to use them are certainly entitled to
>do so, but IMHO you are blocking out part of what you are supposed to be
>studying. The people you are working with are accustomed to the sounds that
>surround them--day and night. Why should not the ethnologist also become
>accustomed to them? I do think that sleep deprivation IS a part of many
>fieldwork situations, but it usually doesn't last long because one does adjust
>to the sounds. If 5 goats can be considered a herd, then I have slept next to
>a herd of goats--granted, a rather small herd. The goatherd is more apt to be
>awakened by the absence of the noise of the goats rather than the noise itself,
>and so should the ethnologist, eventually.

>Phil Young

Phil and others -

I'm confused. I sleep within 10 meters of five goats every night and they make
no sounds unless disturbed by an intruder. What would make my enclosed pygmys
so different from the fielded goats you and others have been exposed to?