The Meaning of *Man* (N.S.)

William Rodman (rodman@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA)
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 16:13:12 +0001

fact that one of Britain's (and, for that matter, the world's) leading
journals of anthropology is called - simply - *Man* (N.S.). Say what you
will about the content of the new *American Anthropologist*, even Ruby
Rohrlich and Marius Johnston might agree that the name of the AAA's
journal is gender neutral. *Man*, in contrast, seems to me a tainted name
for a journal that aspires to represent the state of the anthropological
art. Does the name of the journal reflect the conservatism (or worse) of
its editorial board? The retention of the old name is even more baffling
because, until recently, Marilyn Strathern (whose feminist and
intellectual credentials are in very good order) edited the journal. It
would be interesting to know if any of our British colleagues are
following the gendered/language thread on Anthro-L, and what they think of
*Man* and the issues the name of the journal raises.

Bill Rodman

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