Re: Is racism worse than sexism? Your choice of evils

Lief M. Hendrickson (hendrick@NOSC.MIL)
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 11:37:03 PST

On Jan 3, Ruby Rohrlich wrote:

>Danny I think sexism is far more prevalent than racism because racism
>involves men, as well as women, and men fear other men far more than they
>fear women, as some of the men in this list demonstrate. Ruby
Is this a woman complaining about not being treated as a lady?
Sorry, you can't have it both ways- you degendered yourself!

Actually, there was a previous comment comparing flame intensity
of those directed at Bjorn Fry and Ruby Rohnlich. I submit that
the intensities were more a matter of reaction to the contents
than the genders of the authors. In the case of Bjorn, he was
exploring some particular premise, so a rebuttal based on some
analysis would be more appropriate. (You've been escaping
further critique, Bjorn, because we got side-tracked!) As to
Ruby, she fires off half a dozen mindless poison barbs a day.
Her aims are to coerce, degrade, and insult. Bjorn's was to
discuss. The replies were in kind.

Anyway, what is the relevance of "men fear other men more than
they fear women" here? Are we to debate the old "Hell hath no
wrath..." adage? I look at my particular participation in this
list and see my first protest was directed at a male. It was
certainly less kind than the first one I directed at Rohrlich. I
even read the first one later and found some points that, in
retrospect, were too harsh on certain matters. If anything, men
tend to pull their punches where a lady is concerned. However,
here we're facing a computer, and the reactions tend to match
the content of the message more then the gender of the author-
who is not visibly in front of us. If an author is more
civilized, then the reaction should be more civilized no matter
what the gender.

By the way, here is clarification in response to some off-line
comments. The term "Ruby hot flame" applies to the style of the
flame rather than who it is directed against. Examples are
plentiful, generally about a half dozen a day from the obvious
source but often directed against not-so-obvious writers. You
may have to dig back to match headers unless you were the author-
making one wonder why they're sent to the whole list. No matter.
They give us continual shining examples of a certain style
propagated by a certain derogatory mind. A Ruby flame can be
directed by anyone against anyone. People besides Rorhlich can
even send Ruby flames to me on this message!