Re: On PC

Gordon Milne (illyria@GOLD.INTERLOG.COM)
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 12:56:00 WET

>I was certainly associated with Eleanor (Happy) Leacock, Ralph Holloway,
>and I don't think you should leave the AAA because of people like us. I
>am very happy to have discovered a goodly number of men on this list, the
>majority, I think, who
>believe sexism is as virulent a virus as racism. I'm sorry and disappointed
>you're not oneof them. Ruby Rohrlich

Well Ralph didn't she put you in your place? It seems that it you
don't argee with certain people 100% your automatically labeled. Wether
your sexist or not (and I don't think you are) people like Ruby will throw
these names around so suddenly your on the defensive. She doesn't have to
prove your sexist, YOU have to prove your not. Its this kind of closed
minded spitefull people that give free thought and opinion away in place of
PC. Keep thinking what you think and never let anyone get in the way!!!!!
Perhaps Ms. Rohrlich would rather live in a totalitarian society, it seems
she'd be much more comfortable if she could get a firm stranglehold on
language and culture so that her omnipitent and perfect ways could permeate
the world with perfection. Bleeeech!!!! All this labeling that goes on
today kind of reminds one of certain events that took place in Salem a
couple hundred years ago.....Burn the Witch!!!!!

"I may not agree with what you've said but I'll defend to the death your
right to say it".