PC and Tolerance

Marius Johnston (mariusj@NETCOM.COM)
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 23:35:49 -0800

PC and tolerence? What an Irony. Your first post was filled with both %-).

>I think you're right about women's perspective as going beyond words,John
>Ford, but
>I believe men's perspective does, also, in that those who insist on using
>the excluding terms would like women to be excluded in social reality.

This is an assumption you *willfully* make. As has been pointed out before, you
confuse symptom with cause. However, I believe this to be a wilfull
distortion in the service of an agenda. It is silly, of course, to believe
that language * dictates* belief, in modern culture. However I will
strive to maintain an ever decreasing, but slight, suspension of disbelief
in the face of excess.

>is a pity when anthropologists who are involved with other people's
>cultures cannot get beyond the patriarchal strictures of their own

This is an interesting point, real or *perceived*. Whatever, you seem to be
stuck in it. A tarbaby?


Marius Johnston