Where are Behavior Patterns?

Mon, 31 Jan 1994 10:08:03 CST

>SS51000 has written:
>>It never would have occurred to me to take M. Hill's "shared patterns of
>>behavior" to refer to *mental* phenomena, as D. Read has done. I think
>>of "behavior," whether patterned or not, as directly observable
>>movements of organisms in space and time. *Patterned* behavior is such
>>movement when it is spatiotemporally recurrent. Such patterns within a
>>social group are what I mean by "interaction"; analytically, they are
>>entirely separable from that group's symbolic interpretations of reality
>>(if it has any). --Bob Graber
>Give an example of an explanation of any distinctively human behavior
>without reference to "symbolic interpretations of reality." One will
>do.--R.C. Alvarado

Explaining anything with reference to anything requires that they be
analytically separated! I was taking no position, therefore, on the
extent to which human behavior is explicable without reference to
symbolic interpretations. If anyone cares to discuss that, though, I
am always ready with a whole gamut of important human behavioral
patterns that recur either without reference to, or in outright
defiance of, conscious symbolic intention, to wit: overeating, over-
drinking, substance abuse/addiction of all kinds, domestic violence,
traffic jams, auto accidents, wrong numbers, slips of all kinds . . .
Need I go on? One example was not hard at all! --Bob Graber