*Is this list helpful? Yes and No!

Sun, 30 Jan 1994 22:04:14 CST

Any busy list with a diverse group of subscribers is going to be a
mixed bag. I generally sort through a list of entries and discard
some on the basis of topic before wading into the rest. What I
(and apparently several other people) find troubling is what I've
started calling BLEEDING DUELS. Other services have Flame Wars,
but we have several subscribers who, out of personal or professional
or romantic frustration, use the list to bleed over the rest of us.

James G. Carrier recently has described these
entries as "excellent examples of ethnic/religious boundary marking
and group identification" that causes us to think anthropologically.
If this is the purpose of the list, then we are truly blessed.
Although I like his idea of thinking anthropologically, I'd prefer
subscribers who behave professionially. Of course, this gets us
back to the discussion of culture as a mental or behavioral construct....