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Jack Burris (jeburris@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU)
Sun, 30 Jan 1994 17:50:40 CST

>From the mountians of southeastern Mexico
Translation of message sent by EZLN, published in La Jornada, Jan 18, 1994

The Underground Revolutionary Indian Committee.
General Command of the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional.

TO Mr Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America

To the North American Congress

To the people of the United States of North America

We are addressing ourselves to you directly to tell you that the Mexican
federal government is using the economic and military aid that it receives
from the people and the government of the United States of North America to
massacre the indigenous people of Chiapas.

We ask whether the U.S. Congress and the people of the United States of North
America approved this military and economic aid to fight drug traffic or to
assassinate the Indians of southeast Mexico.

Troops, airplanes, helicopters, rader, communications equipment, arms and
military paraphernalia are being used now not to fight drug traders and the
big capos of the drug mafias, but to repress the just struggles of the people
of Mexico and of the Indians of Chiapas in the southeastern part of our
country, and to assassinate men, women, and innocent children.

We do not receive any aid from any foreign government, individual or
organization. We have nothing to do with drug traffic or with national and
international terrorism. We have organized ourselves voluntarily and our
organization has its own life because of the great needs and problems. We are
tired of so many years of deception and death. It is our right to fight in
order to have life with dignity. At every moment we have observed the
international laws of war and have respected the civilian population.

With the help that you the people and the government of North America have
given to the Mexican federal government you are staining your hands with Indin
blood. Our dream and desire is that all of the people of the world will have
true liberty and democracy. And for this dream we are willing to give our
lives. Do not stain your hands with our blood by allowing yourselves to be
accomplices of the Mexican government.

Mexico, January of 1994



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