Address finder for anthropologists

David Zimmerman (dgz@NAUCSE.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Sat, 29 Jan 1994 18:35:46 -0700

Sorry folks, I seem to have a curse on me as regards posting to this list.
Anyway, as promised, here is that gopher server for finding the addresses
of anthropologists.

Best of luck,

Dave Zimmerman

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The University of Western Australia, in cooperation with the University
of New York, Buffalo and Yale University, would like to announce the
first, EXPERIMENTAL, release of a service for finding the names, mail
addresses, and e-mail addresses of scholars and departments in the field
of anthropology (including archaeology and other related fields).

The great advantage of this Directory over other sources for addresses
is that one may "search" the data base and thereby get information on
a specific individual or institution. Once you are attached to the
server, merely input the name of an individual OR an institution to
receive the data currently stored in the data base.

Accessing the Directory

1) Getting onto the system:

The Directory is being made available via the "gopher" software, and
is currently carried on 70 and 7000

If you are on a unix machine, the command > gopher 70
should connect you to the main menu for the gopher server here. Follow
the "Departmental" entry through "people with a common interest" and
you will be presented with the listings for the Directory.

The command > gopher 7000 will connect you to the main
menu for the gopher service at Yale University. Access the phone book
through the "Archaeology Academics, Name-address lists". You will be
presented with the listings for the Directory.

2) Using the system.

No matter where you access the system you will be presented with a
menu with TWO choices on a menu.

The FIRST choice (the search list) will prompt for input after
it is selected. You should enter a name (e.g. rindos), an institution
(e.g. yale), or a location (e.g. australia). This will return a
listing of entries containing these words. You should note that if
you enter TWO words (e.g. new york), both words will be checked
*independently* ("new york" as a choice will produce choices from NEW
Mexico, NEW School, University of YORK, etc. as well as schools in
NEW YORK). Feel free to play with the system: you can't harm it even
if you get a funny response (though we would like to hear about such

The SECOND choice (the file) will display the ENTIRE directory
beginning with *A*. This choice is being maintained for those persons
who might wish to have GOPHER mail you the data base on which the
searching is being done. At the moment, this is a fairly small
experimental file but it should grow quite large over time as new data
is entered into it. When this occurs, we will set up the entire list
to permit FTP retrieval for those wishing a copy of the database.

We stress that this, the first announcement, is being made to "trouble-
shoot" the system itself. At the present time the data base for the
phonebook is in a VERY incomplete form. Hence, you should *not* be
surprised if somebody you are looking for is NOT listed. We hope
that the service will begin to become of real value *after* a call for
submissions is completed and a reasonable sample of addresses are
included. We hope that, all going well, this will occur at the
beginning of next year.

We appreciate your interest and would like to receive any comments
or suggestions you might have. If all goes well, a second, formal,
announcement and call for addresses will occur shortly after the
New Year.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact any
of us.

virtually yours,

Anthro Gopher

If you want to write directly to a human please feel free to contact:
Tom PLUNKETT tom_plunkett@yale.