Re: Where are Behavior Patterns?

Rafael Candido Alvarado (rca2t@FARADAY.CLAS.VIRGINIA.EDU)
Fri, 28 Jan 1994 23:37:51 -0500

SS51000 has written:
>It never would have occurred to me to take M. Hill's "shared patterns of
>behavior" to refer to *mental* phenomena, as D. Read has done. I think
>of "behavior," whether patterned or not, as directly observable
>movements of organisms in space and time. *Patterned* behavior is such
>movement when it is spatiotemporally recurrent. Such patterns within a
>social group are what I mean by "interaction"; analytically, they are
>entirely separable from that group's symbolic interpretations of reality
>(if it has any). --Bob Graber

Give an example of an explanation of any distinctively human behavior
without reference to "symbolic interpretations of reality." One will

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