McCreery's "What's it all about"

WP_Anderson (isis@SAIL.CUUG.AB.CA)
Thu, 27 Jan 1994 15:39:05 MST

Dear fellow subscribers,

I wanted to thank you collectively, having done my best to thank each of
you individually, for your unfailingly helpful responses to my vomiting
creation query, for the references, otherwise hard (for me at least) to locate,
and for a few special Internet moments.


I've compiled a file of excellent source material, and this IN SPITE OF a
near disaster. In a rush to get through my mail I "replaced" rather
than "appended" to a file, which I was able to reconstruct with only
one *very significant loss*.


One response on the subject of enchanted clay and creation. Enchanted
clay at the bottom of the primordial waters, vomited up (I recall) to
form the land masses. I had intended to use this as the next step in
my research ...

Did anyone reading this send me that information? Or happen to have
received and kept a copy of that message?


Unfortunately the sender of the message, I remember, had forwarded the
information to me from another list.

Talk about a slender needle in the proverbial haystack!

I'm going to distribute this to the following lists. If anyone happens to
be on another likely candidate-list, I would be grateful.





Thanks once again. Sorry to fill your bandwidth with my little lament.


WP Anderson
OR, secondarily:

-- (WP_Anderson)
writer / student / teacher (on a good day): Calgary, Canada.