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The High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology will be holding
its fourteenth annual conference on April 29, 30 and May 1, 1994 in Estes
Park, Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies

The theme for this year's conference is "Anthropology and
Empowerment" and will explore diverse topics such as health, environment,
development, research methods, education and employment. Session are
currently being organized and ideas for papers solicited.

Student participation is strongly encouraged. We invite you to
involve students interested in applied anthropology. Likewise people from
allied disciplines engaged in applied social science projects are
encouraged to attend and participate.

The keynote speaker for this years conference will be Tom Weaver of
the University of Arizona.

Please call this years co-chairs Mary Granica (303) 460-0921 or
Robin Quizar (303) 444-8645 with your idea(s) for a presentation. Your
presentation proposal will be redirected to the appropriate session
organizer once the sessions have been fully established. You may mail your
idea(s) to Robin Quizar, Metropolitan State College, English Department,
Box 32, Denver, CO 80217-3362.

Deadline for presentation proposals is March 25, 1994. We
encourage you to submit your idea(s) early while sessions are being

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Organizational Overview 1993

As you may know, our organization is one of several LPO's (Local
Practitioner Organizations) scattered across the country. As we enter our
13th year, we are pleased to be able to share the news that ours is now the
second largest in the United States and by some measures, the most active.
Our traditional annual meeting, always held in April, attracts practicing
anthropologists from throughout the High Plains/Rocky Mountain region.
Nationally recognized anthropologists such as John van Willigen, Ted
Downing, and Muriel Crespi have provided keynote addresses. Our
peer-reviewed journal, the High Plains Applied Anthropologist, edited by
Susan Scott-Stevens, is circulated nationally but features the work of our
own members. Our newsletter is edited by Art Campa and contains
interesting "bits and pieces" of local news. In conjunction with the
Center for Cultural Dynamics and Colorado universities, the High Plains
Society sponsors occasional special events and seminars as well.
Of greatest importance, the Society serves as a vehicle for the
development of collegial relationships among nearly a hundred practicing
anthropologists and colleagues from allied disciplines, most of whom are
non-university based in the High Plains/Rocky Mountain Region.

For further information contact:

Peter VanArsdale, President HPSfAA at (303) 762-4094
Mary Granica, President Elect at (303) 460-0921
Deward E. Walker, Jr. Chair, Publications Policy Committee,

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