Re: What's a Canadian doing in a place like *this*?

Wed, 26 Jan 1994 02:07:30 -0500

> Since when do Jewish parents send their kids to U Fla Gainesville, a
>notorious party school for bleached out goyim?

When they lack the money to send him somewhere else, I suppose, Dan, and
when he doesn't want to take loans out until later on...

> How can anyone who is truly culturally dissident consciously resort
>to a phonus-balonus usage like "deliberately countercultural"?

Depends on which (counter)culture one is trying to (counter). ;-)

> How can anyone except out of misguided, if grandiose and vaulting
>careerism, overtly, in public, without shame, indulge in such words,
>placed shamelessly for innocent children to see on television, as
>"Cybernaut, PoMoDemite, Noetician, Situationiste," not to speak of the
>ever-egregious "et al."

Careerism? Maybe just a sheer sense of polymorphous perversity. I think you
can relate to that.

> What this is, *schmegeggie*, is *doubletalk with content*. Daniel A.
>Foss can do it, which you can't. Which is the *least* of the ire-inducing
>aspects of saying you could for all these good people, who have excellent
>reason to socially construct that they are Smart to the point if *feels
>essential*, they *experience their Smartness*, they way you *don't*,
>read me, what you feel is *inadequate* at a goyish party school, can't
>even swim except in the innernet, which is Bronx for Internet, what else
>but *inadequacy* can you possibly have to keep private? Huddling in fear,
>hiding your Stupidity, by the standards of the Jewish people, of course.

I have nothing to hide. Many people on the list know my real name and
ethnic identity. Anyone who has asked me I have told. This is a different
matter from me providing this knowledge a priori, which I do not do, mostly
to avoid generalizations dealing with the "Jewish people." And mostly
because in I prefer to use a handle.
I'm not embarassed of my school or the fact of my being Jewish. Period. I
use a handle to make a point about net.identities. This is something you
are familiar with, yes? ;-) You understand about making points?

> Look at the evidence of your text: You want to hide being Jewish, it's
>"irrelevant." Before the Jews got hold of this place, this USA was a savage
>sinkhole of tribal wars and exclusive obsession with money. Look around you.
>Thanks to the Jews, it's now a world-class civilization, manufacturing
>millions of people a year who can act intelligent, maintain coolness, exude
>suavity, and outclass organism for organism any Europeans pretending to
>class; obsessed not with money but with Socioeconomic Status, Occupational
>Prestige, and Professional Reputation; where those obeying the Prime
>Directive of the transmutation of living flesh into print attain Immortality,
>have graduate students teach their res gestae in History of Ideas programs.

Please. I'll have nothing of this Jewish superiority/inferiority complex
business. On this matter I have nothing to say other than what most of the
others have said. Lots of people built 'civilization,' none of the ethnic
groups involved are ashamed of that fact, let's leave it at that, OK?
Being Jewish is not irrelevant. Being Jewish on the Internet may or may not
be irrelevant but it is often undetectable, hence at least (in theory)

> Further: "If I'm going to be flamed or receive death threats (this
>has happened on other lists, not this one).... So yer being flamed, you
>won't die. The death threats, that's probably Lamont, on <Leri@gossip.
>>, don't say you don't know what I'm talking about, you gave
>me the evidence right here, Lamont threatened me too, don't worry about
>him. Besides, recall I gave them my password, they can hack right in and
>wipe me out. Are you paranoid? It's OK, don't worry about it. Yet.

Pity. I haven't been on LERI in two months, and I honestly don't know from
Lamont. I suppose you do. What instrument of death did he propose to

> *Here* is where I get you, *shloime*. You know what you did to me?
>You insulted a very dear friend of mine. Only someone who is on *both*
>ANTHRO-L *and* <> can decode the signification
>in the series "Geertz...Dan Foss...Doctress Neutopia...Malinowski." Take
>out your Levi-Strauss de la Poche from your preworn preshrunk preholed
>Levis and observe how readily we decode this into: Genius...Subhuman...
>Subhuman...Genius. Which is no way to treat the most important human
>being there is to me in the entire world. Dr Libby N. Hubbard, PhD in
>Future Studies, U Mass, 1993. Whom I am about to invite over here to
>fill in the readership on postmodern architecture, on which she is an
>expert and you are a complete ignoramus.

You thought I was putting you down, Dan? You must have a low opinion of the
Doctress, or a high opinion of Geertz. ;-)

> You have set up, on account of taking advantage of my dear friend's
>self-promotion act being *even worse than yours*, made it quite impossible
>for her to feel the professional respect and acceptance she deserves. You
>know what they did, they don't. Get out before I throw you out. Either
>that, or post an apology, you have her userid.

Post an apology? To whom? I assume you and I are the only ones 'here' who
know of her. By what means shall I be 'thrown' out?

> One last thing. Are you on <> as a *social
>scientist*, or as a *real kid*? Some of us need to know this stuff.

Dan, Dan, I thought we had moved beyond such culturally constructed
categories as "social scientist" and "kid." I ask you: are you on ANTHRO-L
as a Canadian or as a Lerian? (Are the two mutually exclusive?)
For your information, I'll be "zeeking" my way back to LERI soon.

>for shame,
>Daniel A. Foss

With not a hint of irony,
Seeker1 [@Nervm.Nerdc.Ufl.Edu] (real info available on request)
Anthropologist, Cybernaut, PoMoDemite, Noetician, Situationiste, et al.
University of Florida, Gainesville, Cosmic Nexus of the Universal Matrix
"'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds!" --Malaclypse the Younger