Re: good-bye

Dawn Atkins (spirit@ARMORY.COM)
Tue, 25 Jan 1994 18:32:01 PST

Here! Here! I agree with Michael. I became an anthropologist to
look at the diversity of human experience. My study and experiences
in anth have always been really fascinating. This list, so far, has
not been. I will give a little while, but if others of us who are
bored with this don't start posting, I will have to leave to.

So, is there anyone out there doing feminist anthropology. I am
considering a feminist anth program and have always focused my work
on the gender experience in Western culture. Most of my work has
centered in body image (such as the way culture's try to control
female bodies i.e. in America thru dieting, violence and reproductive
issues). I am also doing quite a lot with the way the "divine" is
defined in terms of gender.

This is a place to start...

Dawn Atkins