CASCA symposium in honour of Roger Keesing

Tue, 25 Jan 1994 15:12:29 EST5EDT

I am relaying this announcement on the behalf of Christina Zarowsky
and Patricia Foxen, who are the symposium's organizers.
Those interested in participating (either as a presenter or a
discussant) may contact

Discourse and Development--Subversive Anthropology. A symposium in
honour of ROger Keesing
In his last paper, "A tin with the meat taken out- a bleak
anthropological view of unsustainable development in the Pacific",
read posthumously at last year's CASCA meeting, ROger Keesing
demonstrated an aspect of his work less in evidence in the last years
of his academic career. While he was latterly particularly
interested in exploring the anthropological implications of the
lastest developments in cognitive linguistics, this paper revealed
with particular force Roger's ongoing concern with and commitment to
issues of importance to people's ordinary, everyday lives, including
the impact of global and regional political processes. Roger's work
consistently sought areas of apparent paradox and contradiction, in
order to engage precisely those contradictions. In his own work and
that of students and colleagues, he sought efforts to grapple with
the interconnections among experience (including its biological
bases), language, practice, knowledge, and power, always based on
careful fieldwork. The papers in this symposium explore these issues
of the universal and the particular, authenticity and invention,
politics and ethics. In addressing ourselves to "discourse and
development", we seek to engage the conflicts and perhaps bridge some
of the gaps between a cognitive, symbolic anthropology, and a
critically applied development anthropology.

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