Smears, lies, misses & disses

Stephanie Nelson (NELSON@USCVM.BITNET)
Mon, 24 Jan 1994 16:20:22 PST

Dan Foss writes to Stephanie J Nelson (a goy name, but not "Wilson," Mr.

...but I doubt that a single one of you can argue against the evidence:
Smears and lies and misreadings of ambiguities in posts are pure and simple
biases of cognitive superiority based on claims to refinement reflective of
occupational prestige with the socioeconomic status to back it up.

I am loath to be that single disenting voice, Dan, but sometimes a cigar is
just a cigar, and sometimes a misreading of an ambiguity is just a misreading
of an ambiguity. But you and Mr Lieber are trying to change the subject of
my complaint. I complained because you were trying to bully Seeker1 into
either apologizing to you or leaving the list, and because you said that the
Jews were solely responsible for everything good about this country. Your
statements were not ambiguous in my view, nor was my interpretation of them
in any way clouded by my self-image and occupational status. As for smears
and lies, well, since there is no evidence of them in my post, they must have
been your projections. And what is this "evidence" you refer to? Since
when is your interpretation of a text "evidence," and mine a class-bound
"bias?" Don't try my generosity, Dan--unlike others on this list, I respect
you enough to hold you accountable for what you say and to take it seriously.
Thus in my book you are guilty as sin of (another) swaggering, over-aggressive
power play. This also has nothing to do with (your presumptions of) my views
on abortion. Don't repeat the infelicity of your original post by attempting
yet another character assassnation. It doesn't become you.

Yours truly, Stephanie J Nelson