Re: goy, a clarification

Eva M Armstrong (evarmst@EIS.CALSTATE.EDU)
Sat, 22 Jan 1994 18:02:12 -0800

But, I was responding the other's generalizations: My husband IS a
foreigner! He says this about Asian Indians. We are alljust people and
we are mostly cheap anyway! I'm not trying to be serious nor slam
anyone, just opening one's eyes to the long held idea that JEWISH people
are cheap. It's all how you were raised, actually. There are certain
characteristics to qualities of peoples around the world that generally
dictate their actions with others, be it money or anything else. This is
true! Your culture forms your personality and your values. Things are
very general, usually. So, anything more?

On Sat, 22 Jan 1994, Cecilia Maria B Sardenberg wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Jan 1994, Eva M Armstrong wrote:
> > Hey, wait a minit! Jews or Jewish people are not necessarily all cheap!
> > My husband, a foreighner works for an Asian Indian. He's CHEAP. I
> think > it just goes with the person or their culture. Try working for
> someone > from another country. They're instilled with old world ideas.
> Is this > not true? Quit picking on Jews. I was one in my last life. I
> cannot go > to any Holocaust movies, even Schindler's list.
> Now, I must say 'wait a minit'. Don't you think you are overgeneralizing ?
> I thought this was a 'no-no' among anthropologists...
> Cecilia Sardenberg
> Universidade Federal da Bahia
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