apology for trouble this morning (which was, ah, fake)

Fri, 21 Jan 1994 14:26:48 EST

early this morning, I am terribly sorry. They were written with intent
to e-mail the Repro copies to someone I care for, who is perhaps in a
bigger mess than I am. She incurred unpopularity elsewhere when, as
Doctress Neutopia, creator of a quasi-religion of "lovolution," she
offended the members of that list with her doctrines, including myself
at first. Closer scrutiny revealed other dimensions of the writer,
Elizabeth N. Hubbard, PhD, Future Studies, U. Mass. at Amherst; and
with these aspects of that writer I had much in common.

As the trouble originated and remains situated elsewhere, there was no
good reason to have involved this list in it in the first place; so I am
profoundly sorry.

As for the post addressed to "Seeker1," this however also contained
some nonserious observations suggesting that he's an ambitious academic
sinking symbolic capital into current fads for future payoff; hence,
"invest in Marxism." (Also, lots of jokes alluding to his anxiety over
disclosure of his Jewish name.) If he's ambitious, and why else say that
one has been "deliberately countercultural," perhaps even engaging Dwight
Read because he wants the latter's job in the fullness of time, why not,
there are worse things in life. If he's got the talent. *Mazel v'brakha*.

Once again, I am sorry; I want no Trouble; I am heartily sick of it.
But as at times I may suppose I'm infatuated, I may yet act strangely.
Apologies in advance.

Hope things are all right.

Daniel A. Foss